GOT A BIG EVENT?, A NIGHT OUT WITH THE LADIES?, A DATE NIGHT IN?,  QUICK DRINK DOWN THE BAR?, LUNCH DATE?, OR CORPORATE MEETING?, all events that require women to ask the question: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR? Followed by more questions:
"What style am I going for? Does this go? What shall I wear this with? Does this look right? Do I look sexy, sophisticated, cool, or trendy? Does my bum look big in this? Is this too short?, and so on........

The list of questions that go through a women’s mind before she goes out is never ending. To which we ask for friends, families opinions, send pictures, scope the latest styles and trends in magazines and internet, or decide we haven’t got anything and make the need to go shopping for a new outfit because our current packed wardrobe just doesn’t have the right outfit – A LADIES EXCUSE TO GO SHOPPING. But for those of you that are not confident, and have no clue about any of the above…. here’s a stepping-stone to the right direction.

Well let’s break it RIGHT down. What is style?
Style is a phenomenon that gives birth to an art or architectural motif that distinguishes one era from another.

How to find out what YOUR style is?
You may have developed your own style without even knowing it. Take a closer look at what kinds of clothes you already own:

  • Are most of your clothes casual?
  • Is there a predominant colour?
  • Are all the skirts and dresses ankle length if you like it?
  • Are most of your clothes made from synthetic fabrics or natural fabrics?
  • Do you have 15 pairs of slacks and 1 skirt?

Pull your absolute favourite clothes out of the closet and line them up on your bed. Only pick clothes that you love and could never part with.

Look at each outfit you have chosen and ask yourself why you love it.

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it make you feel sexy? Powerful? Fun?
  • Think about how you feel every time you wear each of your favourite outfits. Is there a common denominator?

Decide if you wear clothes to impress others or to feel good while you are wearing them. Do you lean towards “fashion over comfort” or “comfort over fashion?”

Are your favourite outfits appropriate for most of your daily activities?

  • Do you tend to buy clothes that you are drawn to, even if they are utterly impractical for your lifestyle? If so, those clothes are definitely “your style.”
  • If you gravitate towards hot pink sundresses, but you have to wear a tailored business suit to work, try to take a bit of your style with you every day—add a colourful silk scarf to your ensemble and the longest earrings allowable at your place of employment. You won’t be wearing your hot pink sundress, but you will have a more individual look that expresses your personality.

Consult the experts - If you find your wardrobe is a mix of yesterday’s sales, with no particular theme, then you might want to get fashion savvy:

Buy at least 3 fashion magazines and 3 other types of women’s magazines and look at every outfit on every model. Or go on the net, type in “this seasons fashion trends” and copy and paste styles you like. ( - women’s high quality fashion clothing for the season.)

Cut out pictures of all the clothing styles you like. Don’t over think it: look at the picture and make an instant decision. If you love it, cut it out and out it aside.

Divide the magazine/online pictures into as many categories as correspond to your lifestyle. For example, you could have 1 pile labelled “casual,” one pile labelled “work” and one pile labelled “formal.”

Sift through each category pile and note the similarities.

  • Does your casual category predominantly contain pictures of velour jogging suits or blue jeans?
  • Are the blouses and tops frilly or tailored?
  • Is everything loose and flowing or tight and close fitting?
  • The answers to these questions should help you identify your personal style.

Go window-shopping, especially if you are a tactile person. The feel of the fabric may be just as important to you as the colour and the style.

Try shopping in vintage clothing stores or charity shops. These types of stores tend to have a wide variety of styles, representing people from all walks of life. And remember, even if you look at 40 dresses and you don’t like any of them, at least you know what you don’t like.

Go to a modern dress shop or to the women’s department in a large store. Seek the advice of the sales personnel. Most often, sales associates know their department and can give you good advice. Be sure you trust the person you are asking so that you are confident you are receiving helpful advice and not false compliments meant only to induce you to purchase something.

Start noticing the clothing others are wearing that you admire. Think about why a particular outfit appeals to you. You might even feel confident enough to ask her where she got her clothes.

Getting down to basics.  No matter what your personal style turns out to be, every women should always have some basic stables to hand in your wardrobe.

Buy a basic black dress if you don’t already own one. A simple black dress is suitable for almost any occasion. You can always dress it up with accessories. Love yourself to be you.

Keep a variety of belts: wide, narrow, black, and decorative. A belt can change a look of an outfit instantly.

Use scarves as accessories. Long scarves can be worn around your waist and short scarves can be loosely tied around your neck to enhance anything you are wearing. You can even use a scarf as a headband to tie back your hair.

Get a variety of legwear. Opaque tights, especially ones with patterns, are great to wear with short skirts. Patterned socks are a great idea too!

Fill your jewellery box with basic earrings and necklaces. A pair of simple silver hoop earrings, or studs worn with a tailored shirt and designer jeans is perfect for many occasions.

Consider getting a few camisoles or tees. They can be worn underneath a variety of blouses and make sheer materials wearable.

Have at least one black sweater and one basic blazer. A blazer can be worn with dress slacks or jeans, or even over a dress.

Hang on to a few outfits in neutral shades even if you prefer colourful, wild prints. Some dresses and suits are timeless and are the only appropriate dress-wear for somber events.

Keep at least 2 pairs of stylish, comfortable shoes and a few pairs of sandals in your closet. You can never go wrong with a pair of glossy leather pumps.

Remember ladies, it doesn’t matter how fashion savvy you are or aren’t, or how much or little clothing you have in your wardrobe. We are fine tuned to always ask the questions – “what style am I going for? Followed by the hundreds of other questions ‘’does this go, do I look fat in this, what shoes shall I wear, what bag shall I take?” Know your style and be confident with it.